When you emigrate to the United States, you want to do everything possible to remain here legally. You do not want to risk your visa expiring and face having to return to your home country. You also do not want to violate any of its terms to which you agreed when you signed the paperwork for it.

However, even if you agreed to the terms of your visa, you may not know entirely what is expected of you and what you need to do to stay here. You can make sure that your visa remains in good standing by hiring a green card attorney to represent you.

Finding Satisfactory Employment

When you have come to this country on a green card, you may be legally required to find and keep a job. However, the type of employment that you take can determine whether or not you can remain here legally. You must avoid taking a job that is less than what your visa was issued for.

Even so, you may not know what kind of work that you are expected to maintain or what it means to support yourself satisfactorily in this country. When you have a green card attorney on retainer, you can get the employment terms of your visa explained fully to you.

You can then find and keep a job that satisfies the terms of the visa and shows INS that you have the skills and means to be self-sufficient. You avoid being deported because you are not employed or fulfilling professional obligations that you agreed to undertake when you were issued the card.

Avoiding Serious Mistakes

You also need a green card attorney to help you avoid serious legal mistakes when you apply for or renew your visa. The immigration laws change regularly, and the ones that were in place when you came here may no longer be in effect. You need a green card attorney who knows what the new laws are to help you complete paperwork for maintaining or getting a new visa. Your attorney can make sure that you abide by these new laws and avoid making mistakes that could result in you being deported.

A green card attorney can help you remain legally in the country. They can explain the employment terms to your visa. Your green card attorney can also help you avoid legal mistakes on paperwork. For more information, contact a local law firm.