If you have a case coming up regarding your green card and immigration status, you may have decided that you need legal representation to help you through the process. Because of this, you may be getting ready to set up a consultation with a lawyer who can help you.

Before you meet with the attorney, you need to prepare anything that you need to bring with you. Below are a couple of tips for preparing to meet with a green card lawyer for your first meeting.  

1. Gather All Documentation You Can Get Your Hands on Regarding Your Identity and Immigration

One important thing that you need to do before you have your consultation with the attorney is to gather all of the documentation that you can get your hands on regarding your case. You should have your birth certificate, your country's identification card, your US identification, and your current green card.

You should also bring with you any letters or documents that may have been given to you by the US Immigration Service. These documents will have information the attorney needs to look up the specifics of your case as well as your green card status.

2. Write down a Detailed Account That Includes All Facts Surrounding Your Green Card

Along with any legal documentation, another thing you should prepare for your initial consultation is a detailed account of events leading up to getting your green card as well as events in the US.

To start your account, you should explain in depth what led you to seek your green card as well as the dates of application and approval. You should also write down anything noteworthy that has happened since then as well as what you had hoped to achieve in the country once you arrived, whether it was to work or in hopes of becoming a full citizen.  

When you are first meeting with an attorney regarding your immigration and green card status, you want to make sure that you bring as many documents as possible, including any identification papers and letters or documents from the US government. You also should write down as much information as possible about obtaining your green card, such as why you left your country and what you hope to achieve in the United States. When you have all of the information ready, contact a local green card lawyer to learn more.